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Day One

Today we flew from San Jose, where we have stayed for the last week with our hosts Leonel and Georgina Pacheco, to Limon, and then a 40 minute drive to where we are staying – at Leonel’s beachside farm where we had first met our hosts in April of 2014.  The circle is complete.  (See our “About Us” page for the story). The area we are staying at is called Punta Uva.

boarding pass limonplane to PVflight to PVon our way PV 2016

After breakfast, our first order of “business” was to go out to the beach, where we had prayed just over two years ago, to worship and have communion.  Of course, in true Caribbean fashion, it lightly rained on us (the rest of the day was nice).  Because of very heavy rains on Monday, the mosquitos greeted us with glee and we, however unwillingly, provided them multiple meals.

walk to beach 7-20-16drum on beachplaying in the rain CR 7-20-16



Our next steps are to find a place to call home while we become established in the community and start a bible study.

We’re Here!

luggage goingWe arrived on Tuesday, July 12th, after a super smooth travel experience.  That is what we prayed for;  no problems with luggage, no long lines at check-in or TSA, and while the plane itself was a little behind schedule, it all went quite well.  We have to say, the Delta Airlines plane was very nice and it was a great experience.

Upon arrival, our host, Leonel Pacheco, picked us up and took us to his home, fed us, and let us take a needed nap (we took a red-eye flight).

Our first few days were filled with organizing, working on switching our phones via Magic Jack so we can call back to the states for free, meeting family members of our host family, attending a bible study, and general acclimation.

Leo teaching First night in San Jose, went to the “Apple Lounge” – a meeting room of Applebee’s restaurant – where Leo teaches a bible class. We were asked to lead worship and Michael gave his testimony.

leo at applebeesOur host is part owner in the Applebee’s restaurants here in San Jose, and they had a “grand opening” of a restaurant they moved to a new location (pray for much success and prosperity). All the owners are believers! We met many of Georgina Umaña‘s 7 sisters who were there as well as other family members. We later had a chance to talk with and pray for Rodrigo and Lucy, who lead worship at a Vineyard church in the area. What a blessing!!! Georgina is the wife of Leonel Pacheco, our hosts – the women in Costa Rica keep their maiden names and do not attach the husbands names so sorry for any confusion.  At the Applebee’s opening, we were able to meet some key christians in San Jose, and many people are expressing interest in helping us with the establishment of a Church in the area we are going to. It will be so wonderful to have all this help! What blessed partnership.

praying w: Rod & Lucy

Rasta 2014On Friday we reconnected with our brother and co-laborer in the gospel, Johan “Rasta” Simarra, who works with Youth With A Mission and has just started a base in Puerto Viejo.  He is one of the two main “divine appointments” we experienced on our first trip.  This meeting, last evening, was key and pivotal for we shall be working closely with Rasta and his wife Elsi, doing evangelism and other projects.  They have done work in PV for the past 6 years, and shared there is not really a place where discipleship can happen after the evangelism is done.  That is why we are planting a church there!

Tomorrow, Sunday, we will attend our hosts’ church.  We should be able to get the rest of our business and errands done on Monday and then we will be able to travel on Tuesday to Puerto Viejo on Tuesday, embarking on our second leg of the journey.

Thank you for all the prayers and support – it is such a blessing and your seeds are bearing much good fruit!