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Opportunities to Serve

Praying For The Sick

The lovely lady we rent our house from, Carol, called us, asking if we would come pray for an US Citizen who was very ill.  Carol’s sister works at a resort in Manzanillo where this man has been living.  In fact, he’s been here for 14 years.  He is fighting emphysema and heart disease.  So we went and met with Cliff, and had a great two-hour (getting to know him) conversation and then prayed with him.

The next Sunday, I (Chaunda), picked him up and brought him to church.  The car that God gave us is being put to good use right away!  He’s been a Christian for a number of years, and even though he lives right next door to a church, its all in spanish, which he has never fully learned.  So he was really thrilled to come to our church.

Slowly, Cliff is feeling better and better.  Some of the color has returned to his face (he was quite pale).  He attended church again this Sunday and said he looked forward to it all week.  Please keep Cliff in your prayers, for healing and a return to the work God has called him to do.

Meeting People In The Community

We continue to meet a broad spectrum of people in this area.  We are always looking for ways to invite people to church and give them our flyers.  So Michael and I went to the Farmer’s Market where we met Cacao (yes, that’s his name).  He makes fabulous jewelry out of coconut shells and uses a tiny wire to carve very fine line images into the shell.  He’s a believer, with some interesting twists…we’ve been inviting him to come to church, and look forward to the day when he will.

Chocolate is one of the main harvests in this area.  We met Peter (from the US) and Ancel (from Scotland) who’ve lived here for many years and have a chocolate business focusing on chocolate as medicine (uncooked).  We happily bought some of their produce, and gave them a flyer for church.

David is another (from the US) who has lived here many years and is a believer.  I call him the philosopher/poet, and he’s always up for a great conversation!

Visiting Members and Praying for their needs

This past Saturday we planned to visit one of our church attendees, Jessica, and as we were on our way, she happened to call us!  She’s the one we bought the car from, and she was calling to say she found the owner’s manual and wanted to get it to us.  This scenario was orchestrated by our heavenly Father, as she was in need of prayer for a family member in a difficult situation.  Without going into details, please lift up Jessica and her family in your prayers.

Prayer Requests

Pray that the people we are here to reach would realize how thirsty they are for the Living Water – the Truth.  Pray that the god of this age would be removed from them and they would be able to hear the message and believe (2 Cor 4:4, Rom. 10:17).  Pray for a mighty move of God in our midst!

May the God of peace fill you and bless you!!!