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Where Did September (And October) Go?!

I’m sure you can relate…where does the time go?  Where did September go?  You mean to tell me it’s already October 21st? Yep!  Blink and…well, you know what I mean.


We were blessed to have guests visit us – Randy from Colorado and Jack and Linda from Yucaipa – filled up three out of September’s four weeks.  What a blessing to have them come and help us.  Inadvertently they also helped us learn how to host future missions teams who come to help with the vision God has given us.

We were blessed to have a World Race Team assist us with evangelism and getting the word out about the church we have started. World Race is a missions organization that mobilizes youth to experience 11 months of missions, traveling to multiple locations around the world doing all kinds of missions related activities.

We were blessed to participate in healing prayer for the owner of the resort where we hold Living Water Calvary Chapel services:  Mr. Julio is a wonderful man of God with a powerful vision for the area we are serving in.  He was battling cancer this past year.  Michael had had a vision in June of praying for someone with a serious condition.  We’ve received word that Mr. Julio is 50% better (tests show 50% decrease in the cancer cells)!  Please keep him and his wife, Lavinia, in prayer!


In our September newsletter ( I shared that we were heading back to the United States to comply with Costa Rican rules regarding tourist visas.  Until we have our residency paperwork filed, which we are almost finished doing, we have to leave the country every 90 days.  So we flew back to the States on October 4th.  Michael returned on October 7th because he had to be back in time for Sunday services.  Can’t start a church, and then not be there one Sunday with no one to cover for us!

During this trip, I had planned several meetings and visits with missions team partners, however…Proverbs 16:9  “A man’s heart plans his ways, but the LORD directs his steps”.  At 3 am on Sunday October 2nd, two days before our trip, I started experiencing pain in my abdomen.  I spent Sunday morning (during service) at the local clinic with an IV in my arm to ease the pain and nausea.  We suspected the same problem that put me in the hospital two years ago, November 2014, while Michael was in his first year of ministry school – intestinal blockage.

With the help of the pain medications, I was able to wait until our pre-arranged flight on Tuesday, Oct. 4th, to California and went straight from the airport to the hospital in Redlands.  Hallelujah, God is so good – I made it!  The prognosis was correct, scar tissue had again formed around my intestine again, requiring surgery.  I had the most amazing doctor – Dr. Arnold – who did 4 laparoscopic incisions and took care of the problem and additional care to help prevent possible future problems.

Scar tissue grows post abdominal surgeries.  The doctor told me there is nothing (aside from prayer and divine intervention) that can stop this from happening.  Diet is not the cause.  When scar tissue grows and wraps around the intestines, surgery is the solution.  Pray I will not experience this activity any more – its not fun.

When things like this happen, its important to always “shine like the stars” (Phil. 2:15) and hold out the message of the gospel for all who cross our paths.  While I didn’t “share my testimony” outright with anyone while there, my bible on the table spoke volumes.  God knows and I just kept my faith through it all.  I want to thank all of you, our partners in this ministry, who prayed for me during this time.  Prayer releases the power of God to move on our behalf!  Thank you!!!

That said, I just learned that systemic enzyme therapy ‘eats away’ scar tissue and fibrosis and did some research on this.  We happen to live in an “enzyme rich” environment so I will be eating plenty of pineapple and papaya!

What’s Next?

I (Chaunda) arrived back in Costa Rica on Wednesday, Oct. 19th and continue with recovery, and working on updating this Blog, our Facebook Group site, and the next email newsletter – look for it in your inbox shortly!  I’m also prepping and practicing for leading worship on Sundays.  Michael continues to do ministry work and preparing for service on Sunday.  We continue to build relationships with the people we are here to serve in this community and opportunities abound!


Pray wisdom and discernment for us in all areas, and building relationships with all the new people attending Living Water Calvary Chapel.   Please keep Cliff in your prayers – emphysema and heart disease.  Prayers for God’s ways, not our ways.  Prayers for our own personal time with God, to protect and keep that precious time with our Heavenly Wonderful Father!

Blessings with Faith, Hope and Love!