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Then…The Phone Rang At 12:30 pm…(The Next Week)

The Next Week

If you read the previous post, then this title, “Then, The Phone Rang At 12:30 pm” will make more sense.

Michael and I have begun pursuing unity of the regional pastors and believers by attending an early morning prayer meeting every Friday of a Spanish speaking church right around the corner from where we live, called Central Christian Church.

On January 27th, the enemy tried to prevent the prayer meeting from happening by attacking the physical body of their pastor, Roger.  He was healed, however, and the prayer meeting went on!

On the next Friday, February 3rd, after another powerful prayer meeting, Pastor Roger invited us to do a “prayer tour” in the afternoon at 1 pm. However, at 12:30 pm we received a phone call to cancel the prayer tour because Pastor Roger was not feeling well…again! Hum…put two and two together. A powerful prayer meeting is set to happen, and for the second time in a row, Pastor Roger has a health issue. Clearly, the enemy does not want us to pray! Needless to say, we just simply went over to meet him, prayed, rebuked the spiritual attack, and went on with the powerful prayer tour!

The battle to plant the church “Living Water Calvary Chapel” and the battle to unite the pastors in this region; Puerto Viejo, Cocles, Playa Chiquita and Manzanillo continues!

L to R, Chaunda, Michael, Hilda, Roger

The Phone Rang At 2:44 AM

The Phone Rang At 2:44 AM

I (Chaunda) had recently begun attending a 5 am prayer meeting on Fridays at the Spanish speaking Central Christian Church, located just around the corner from us.  Just this Friday, when my phone started buzzing, I thought it must be time to wake-up at 4:30 am… however, when I reached to turn it off, it was actually a phone call – at 2:44 am!  It was Pastor Roger’s wife, Hilda.  She pleaded that Pastor Roger had something going on with his chest and breathing and could we help by driving them to the clinic?  Like many locals in this region – they don’t have a car; and had actually tried to reach several taxis as well as other family and friends before calling us.  It seems that this was meant to be.  “Of course” I replied, “we’ll be there right away”.  Then I turned to Michael and said “It’s ministry time”.  Remember that the Lord had blessed us with a car shortly after we moved here?  We’ve been able to assist many people since then because of it.

Pastor Roger’s symptoms included pain in the chest, hard breathing, itching and tingling in his face and hands.  When we pulled up, Roger and 3 others were waiting outside. Michael walked up and without really saying anything, placed one hand on his chest and one hand on his back and prayed that the doctor would not find anything wrong and would just send him home well! On our way to the clinic, we also prayed he would be able to see the doctor right away, with no waiting. That’s exactly what happened.  Within just 15 minutes after arriving, we were all walking out – AND Roger was feeling fine (PRAISE THE LORD)!  Due to the early morning pre wake-up call; Hilda mentioned that they would cancel the meeting that morning and resume the following Friday.  HOWEVER…It would seem that was not God’s plan.

We went to bed at 4 am, but Michael could not sleep.  He kept having an increasing feeling that the prayer meeting needed to be held.  ALSO for the 1st time, Michael felt led to attend – even though he was previously planning to start the following week, due to some scheduling conflicts.

Michael felt the Lord was specifically revealing that Pastor Roger’s symptoms were actually a specific spiritual attack with the intention to stop the meeting– and was even given the name of the demon, which was Asshure Tetrus…  I called Hilda and told her that we felt we should still come over and have the prayer meeting.  They readily agreed, and actually they were still up and were praising the Lord for his healing.

That morning’s prayer meeting was extremely powerful.  We felt a “shift” in the spirit realm and are looking forward to seeing in the natural what God did in the supernatural.  What a blessing it is to be able to dwell in unity with the believers in this area, to work together for the Kingdom of God, and to help each other in practical ways!

NOTE: During this time – Pastor Roger was lead to invite Mike to teach at their midweek service next Thursday. What is interesting about this, is the need to have an interpreter has recently been brought up in the past 2 ½ weeks – and now he has been given the opportunity to teach through an interpreter. IT MUST JUST BE A COINCIDENCE? LOL

We’re Here For You

Have you ever taken a vacation, and wanted to attend a church during your trip?  On November 28, 2016 we received the following email:
“Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog, why? because in a few weeks we are visiting Costa Rica for the first time, and I was searching, with not much hope of success I thought, for an evangelical church to attend while were there.  Looks like Living Water Calvary Chapel is that!  We are staying in a rented house just south of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca the first week, so it looks like it should be close.  But I don’t see any exact location of the church anywhere…and what are service times?
BTW, the story of how God directed you there and enabled you to get all the details worked out to get there is amazing!”
– B & G,  Edmonton, AB, Canada
What a blessing to be able to be there for them!  They joined us for Christmas service.  In fact, on Christmas Day, which happened to be a Sunday this past year, we were able to provide a Christian gathering to several tourists.  The joy they each expressed at being able to worship with other believers far from their homes was such a blessing to see.
Thank you to all our partners who help make it possible to be here for them!