Living Water Costa Rica

Offering Living Water to a Dry and Thirsty Land

About Us

Mike and Chaunda Proud

To put it simply, Chaunda and I feel led to answer a calling of God to create a Worship Center in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica. Our deepest desire is to actively teach the true Word of God (verse by verse) from Genesis to Revelation. We will help provide a community house of worship where the people can gather and worship in Spirit and in Truth. We will also cultivate a place for discipleship training, a place where the gifts of the Spirit of the Living God will be nurtured and able to thrive. Our aim is to provide the Living Water to the peoples and in return create a great thanksgiving in the land. We have been blessed to name the church, “Living Water Calvary Chapel”.

In April of 2014, the Lord led us to do a short-term scouting mission trip to Costa Rica. We went with the intent of following what God wanted to show us, which started with no mapped out details to follow or reservations to meet. Upon landing in San Jose, Costa Rica; we prepared by praying to ask what we were there to do? The answers quickly came over the next two weeks starting with a meeting spurred by visit to a local YWAM (youth with a mission) base. Chaunda had served with YWAM in Amsterdam many years before, so we decided to drop by to express a quick “hello”.

Completely unplanned, we were set-up to meet a couple there; that for over six-years had been diligently “sowing seeds” by doing DTS (discipleship training school) outreaches into the area God was specifically leading us to go to!!! (GOD IS AMAZING) As it turned out they were heading to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca within the exact same timing of us traveling there – so we all went together of course, and thus was the beginning of the two-week journey of divine appointment after divine appointment in which God allowed His plans for this area to be revealed.

A most notable key occurrence is that we met a local Costa Rican land-owner whom God had specifically called to “do a work” in that area, and had promised him He would send someone to help him…culminating for us as a clear calling to plant a church there.

However, before this great work was to start, the Lord had spoken and told Mike he was to get “formally trained” before we would begin. This definitely created a time of obedience and patience to wait upon the Lord, but then two-years later, Mike graduated from Calvary Chapel School of Ministry in Costa Mesa, California on June 3rd, 2016.

A whirlwind of events began to occur in May of 2016… which started off with the unadvertised sale of Mike’s and Chaunda’s vehicles, multiple missions meetings with our church (Wildwood Calvary Chapel along with Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa), the sale of our house, 100% of our furnishings, decor (inside and out), every pot and pan, dish, wall hanging, tools – you get the picture (EVERYTHING), including a tournament ski boat, a Goldwing motorcycle, ETC… (All-in-all an entire 30-plus years of accumulating and building a life) WAS GONE IN JUST 2 ½ WEEKS TOTAL TIME God had also very clearly given July 12th, 2016 as the departure date to Mike’s understanding (NOTE: which ended up being the actual date – to the day of – the close of escrow and allowable time till the non-refundable air-fare tickets which had been previously committed to beforehand)!!!

The vision is that there are three main people groups within the community and surrounding areas that we are to reach out to:  1) The Costa Ricans who live in the area, 2) the “Ex-Pats” (ex-patriots) who have chosen to leave their own countries for their own reasons and retire here, or raise their family here, as well as 3) the tourists that come from all around the world, which tend to be more longer-term type travelers.

After this investigation period we had clearly witnessed and felt that the need is great. This “ground” has been called “dry”. People we met there said they had no place to go to grow as a Christian. The evangelism efforts of the YWAM’ers over the years leaves the newly born Christians to fend for themselves with a poor chance of a healthy survival. There are many atheists, many “new ages” or “spiritual” people who place their beliefs and thus their salvation in Hindu or Buddhist based type philosophies.

There is only some very minor Christian work being attempted in the region; and it was the locals themselves who had informed us of what was lacking. BUT most of all; it is the Lord Jesus who has called us, so off we go to be servants of Christ and answer as we are able.

UPDATED 2-2-18

Mike and Chaunda needed to return to the United State due to unforeseen circumstances that ended up being a permanent move.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  Things don’t always work out the way we would like them to, but as we seek to glorify and honor the Lord in all we do, we know that all things will indeed work out for good – because we do Love The Lord!